Plotagon Brings Screenwriting Text to Life with Animated Cartoons

 - Nov 30, 2013
References: plotagon & gizmodo
The Plotagon software is a helpful movie-making tool that creates animations to accompany scripts, complete with changes in camera angles, scenery and voice acting. With a simple script, Plotagon is able to generate a scene and establish where a character is in the scene, by specifying placements like being "on the sofa" or "by the window." Characters can be moved around the scenes in creative ways, from jogging to sneaking.

There are over 40 ways for characters to interact with one another and of course, with any performance, delivery of lines is crucial. Plotagon lets screenwriters choose how characters will deliver their lines — with anger, sadness or happiness.

Currently, Plotagon is in BETA mode, but it is available for free on its site for Mac and PC.