The Plight of Gorillas is Addressed in Bananas' Promotional Campaign

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: & foodbev
In an effort to raise awareness about the plight of gorillas, an organization called ‘bananas’ launched a fictional product called ‘Gorilla Milk.’ While the idea may sound unusual, the provocative campaign quickly caught the eye of many consumers.

The Gorilla Milk campaign involved a fictional dairy product made from the milk of primates. The idea behind the campaign was to show consumers that "just because you can milk a gorilla, doesn’t mean you should." In other worlds, though animals can provide us with resources, we have a larger responsibility to look for sources of food that do not harm the planet and living creatures.

The eye-catching campaign not only helped to highlight the plight of gorillas, but it also brought attention to harmful environmental practices such as habitat destruction, the loss of biodiversity and pesticide use.