Catapult's PLAYERTEK Takes 2.25 Million Data Points Per Match

 - Feb 3, 2018
References: playertek & catapultsports
Analytics have revolutionized professional athletics across virtually every sport, but that futuristic sports philosophy relies on the assumption that teams and coaches will have access to accurate performance data. Over the past decade, 'Catapult' has been providing many of the world's top soccer teams with precisely those metrics, and the company's newest product, PLAYERTEK, gives amateur individuals the same granular degree of analysis.

PLAYERTEK is a GPS tracking system that soccer players wear in a small vest. As opposed to wrist-worn fitness trackers, the vest puts the tracking system closer to players' centers of gravity, which makes results far more accurate. Further, PLAYERTEK gathers up to 400 data points per second — compared to only one point per second for the average fitness watch. That adds up to 2.25 million data points per match, which paints a detailed picture of one's 90-minute performance.

The system includes both hardware and a proprietary software platform, and it tracks impressively detailed data, including distance run, speed (tracked and isolated over time), sprint distance and numbers, and more. PLAYERTEK's software also aggregates the data into searchable and approachable layouts, making any coach or player an analytics expert.

Beyond the raw data, PLAYERTEK makes it easy to compare one's performance to others on their club and around the world. Donning the vest can let team rivals finally settle who runs farther during a match or who's sprints really are the fastest. The software also lets players enter their gender and position to compare themselves against current pros.