Pascale Marthine Tayou Comments on Consumerism With Plastic Bags

 - Feb 20, 2013
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Creating plastic bag art might not seem like much of a new concept, but Pascale Marthine Tayou takes it to the next level by creating an installation using only the disposable carriers. Appropriately titled Plastic Bags, the installation is currently on-show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Rome and isn't just beautiful, but overwhelming.

Nearly 10 meters high, the plastic bag art installation is created using multicolored bags that is in-line with Tayou's other works that often repurpose everyday items. Created as a comment on both consumerism and homelessness, Plastic Bags helps to grab attention in a more overt fashion rather than other smaller ways. It's a valiant effort because it says so much without saying a single word; experiencing it gets the message across effectively and peacefully.