Plantala by Andrea Rekalidis Focuses on Greenery and Privacy

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: coroflot & core77
Plantala by Andrea Rekalidis, an industrial designer based in Padova, Italy, is a multi-purposed partition that may bring to mind the classic American dream. Resembling a traditional white picket fence, the quaint and romantic home addition could easily be used outdoors, but it is also suitable for indoor use. In fact, a person might get more out of it indoors.

Another fun way of introducing greenery in the home, Plantala by Andrea Rekalidis can double as a coat rack if placed at the front entrance. While vines overtake its metal surface, people can hang clothing items from its pointy tops. Of course, it also provides a bit of a sanctuary. Core77 notes, "[A]ll of Rekalidis' work tends to border on the issue of public versus private space and interaction."