Pizza Hut UK is Offering Digitally Connected Delivery Tattoos

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: facebook
People's tattoos are full of meaning, but that ink won't fill them up with pizza -- unless they get one of Pizza Hut UK's pizza-ordering tattoos. The stick-on pizza-ordering tattoos use digital technology in conjunction with wearers' smartphones in order to place orders for Pizza Hut pizza.

To be sure, the tattoos aren't actually permanent ink, even if some people might want them to be. Rather, the pizza design comes in the form of a stick-on tattoo that lucky consumers can place on their bodies to have constant access to pizzas. The technology uses near field communication, or NFC, in conjunction with QR codes and the GPS within wearers phones to place orders.

There are 40 editions of the pizza-ordering tattoo available, and consumers can check out Pizza Hut UK on Facebook to see how to get their hands on one (or rather, get one on their hands.)