Pitanga Juices Capitalize on the Juice Craze in a New Way

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: website & coolhunting
Pitanga Juice is an establishment borne out of misfortune. After founder Raquel Furtado was diagnosed with a thyroid condition about a decade ago, she began to experiment with various ways to improve her affection, along with her overall health. Her strict, gluten-free diet, made up of juices and raw foods, lead the Brazilian native to develop her own juice company.

Now a holistic nutritionist, Furtado is the mastermind behind the Pitanga Juices, which contain common Brazilian foods, such as guarana, acai, acerola, catuaba and cacao, in addition to the more conventional veggies and herbs.

Furtado saw a lack of diversity and innovation among Juice Houses (as Brazilians refer to juice bars), prompting her to fill the gap in the market with her unusual, health-conscious concoctions.