The Pinkster Royale Spirit Spices Up Cocktails and Wines

 - May 22, 2018
References: pinkstergin & foodbev
The Pinkster Royale raspberry spirit has been unveiled by the Ginmeister-owned brand as a new libation for consumers that will offer them a different way to enjoy their favorite cocktails and wines.

The spirit is crafted from gin-soaked raspberries that have been recycled after use in the production of other libations. This makes it perfect for adding into your favorite cocktails to up the flavor level or even as a solution that will make sparkling wine more complex and ideal for enjoyment during the summer season.

Speaking on the new Pinkster Royale, Managing Director Stephen Marsh, said, "At a time when pink spirits are all the rage, we’re quick to champion the fact that our botanicals include raspberries, real ones, the ones that grow on bushes. As a pink pioneer, our view is that it’s the flavor not the color that matters. The Pinkster Royale launch just reinforces that we’re an innovative, premium brand dealing in fresh fruit."