Mutabor Design's Pictogram Posters Promote World-Wide Cultures

 - May 14, 2014
References: & designtaxi
These pictogram posters can easily be transcribed as being culture-revealing. The clever images, created by Mutabor Design, promote different cultures from around the world in a minimal manner. The Hamburg-based design firm felt that there was no need for descriptive words; it only wanted to use pictures.

The posters accompany a series of books called Lingua Digitalis, which promote global wordless understanding. Some of the country-specific posters include France, Brazil, Italy and Japan. Each poster features icons that coincide with its country's culture; for example, France's poster features a wine glass, the Chanel logo and a mustache mashed-up together. Likewise, Brazil's features a woman’s body, a couple of soccer balls and a Christ the Redeemer statue.

The illustrations are expressive and were meticulously thought-out to make sure that anyone can pin-point exactly what each poster's culture is.