The Blesh Physical Web Beacon Makes Smart Object Interaction Seamless

 - Feb 5, 2015
References: blesh & postscapes
Blesh has created the first compatible Physical Web beacon, an Internet of Things project by Google intended to increase "interaction on demand." The Blesh PW beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy signals to broadcast easy to discover URLs, thereby creating seamless engagement with smart objects. Smartphones with the Blesh app will be able to pick up the signal and make a notification. Once the link is opened, it would hold relevant content to the broadcasting product.

The Blesh physical web beacon only communicates one way and isn't configured to receive any signals. The signals the Blesh beacon gives off will be available to those in the area, making it ideal for public places. The beacons are extremely lightweight, weighing only one ounce and have a battery life of over two years.