Google's 'PhotoScan' Turns Multiple Images of Prints into a Hybrid Scan

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: google & androidcentral
PhotoScan is an app that makes use of readily available technology so that people can better preserve their memories. Printed photos -- whether digital or film -- are becoming less and less common, but there are still countless family albums that don't exist in digital form at all. PhotoScan, an app from Google, lets people use their smartphone cameras to take sharp, flawless scans of the photographs.

To use PhotoScan, consumers simply download the app to their smartphone and start snapping with the camera. PhotoScan will instruct users to take pictures of the print from four different angles. The program then combines these four images into a single scan that promises to be as crisp as one taken with a specialty scanner.

PhotoScan uses multiple images in order to reduce flaws like glare that show up in other scanning techniques.