Marc Lüdgers' Photopicturen Blends Painting and Photography

 - Sep 21, 2009
References: pulse-art &
German photographer and painter Marc Lüdgers’ trompe-l’oeil paintings or ‘photopicturen’ reference graffiti, urban art, street style and contemporary living. Lüdgers does not use photoshop to provide the photo collages in his photopicturen. Instead, he adds individual painted elements to his photographs of real landscapes, wastelands and urban locations.

By adding abstract shapes to some of the photopicturen Lüdgers is making a statement on the age-old sculpture vs paint battle. Lüders captures painted urban landscapes and then paints something more overtop of the image and this painted element suggests a lesser degree of reality. Lüdgers keeps a blog where you can view his lastest photopicturen.