'Easy' Provides an Alternative to Shopping for Menstrual Supplies

 - Oct 29, 2016
References: easyperiod
While stocking up on menstrual hygiene products typically requires a trip to the store, 'Easy' is setting itself apart as a period subscription service that promises women will never have to shop for feminine products ever again.

Easy offers three types of subscriptions, meaning that a woman is able to order a three month supply of tampons, pads and liners or pads and tampons, based on which combination she prefers best.

One of the biggest features that distinguishes Easy from other period subscription services out there is that it deals only in organic products, meaning that there are absolutely no synthetic fibers, bleach or plastic involved—just 100% organic cotton. Best of all, Easy donates 5% of all profits to ZanaAfrica Foundation, which supplies pads to girls in Kenya so that they don't miss school when menstruating.