Miss Jones Baking Co.'s Peppermint Frosting Comes with Crumbles

As there is no better way to complete the look and taste of a homemade baked good than with both sprinkles and frosting, Miss Jones Baking Co. launched a festive limited-edition Peppermint Frosting that includes a compartment full of peppermint candy crumbles.

The vegan frosting is free from soy, dairy, gluten and nuts, boasting a simple ingredient list with many organic ingredients, including: powdered sugar, Rainforest Alliance certified sustainable palm fruit oil, tapioca and coconut oil. The crumbles that accompany the frosting are naturally colored with vegetables like red cabbage and purple carrot juice.

The festive frosting product offers a thoughtful and healthy way for consumers to decorate their baked treats for the holiday season as compared to many other dessert products on the market.