Penda Means Love Discusses Penda Health's Initiative in Kenya

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: pendahealth.wordpress
Penda Means Love is a new illustrated video by Penda Health, a Kenya-based social enterprise dedicated to providing high quality healthcare to women and the families they are working to support. Penda Health's new video aims to reinforce its mission, message and motivations, while spreading the word to new audiences.

Penda Health has been previously featured on, including an interview with co-founder Stephanie Koczela.

Providing a brief introduction to the situation facing Kenyan women in need of safe and affordable healthcare, the short video clip also details Penda Health's role in Kenya as the first private, accessible and inexpensive clinics. Penda Means Love also communicates its current need for funding, as they move from the emerging to established enterprise and in order to maintain the status quo.

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