This Unique Writing Tool Transforms into a Spinning Top as You Sharpen It

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: lostateminor & ortiedesign
This imaginative pencil toy reimagines the everyday writing tool by transforming it into a fun spinning top.

The 'Spincil' by Ortie Design features one side made to be a standard 2B graphite lead penicl, and the other side shaped to function as a spinning top toy. The 'Spincil' can also act as a motivator for work because the more you sharpen your pencil, the better the top will twirl.

This pencil toy is made from a natural beechwood material and features a decorative paint coating on the rounded top end. A perfect desk accessory for creative types, the construction of this playful pencil is actually more advanced than it would first appear. Each spinning pencil top is actually turned vertically by hand to form one solid wooden piece.