'Peeke' Protects Brands and Consumers Using Blockchain Technology

 - Jun 14, 2018
References: play.google & peeke.io
Brands and consumers alike are hit hard by counterfeit goods, but Peeke is an app that is out to protect both parties by detecting whether or not a product is as genuine as it claims to be.

Peeke uses the blockchain, NFC tags and smart contracts technology in order to protect brands and consumers alike from losing money. App users need only wave their mobile device in front of a product to determine whether or not it is the real deal. Currently, the app is available to identify top brands like Mont Blanc, Northface and more.

Since the app must continually grow and be updated, Peeke rewards users with its Peeke Tokens for verifying a product as genuine or counterfeited. The app also doubles as a marketplace where this cryptocurrency can be redeemed for discounted luxury goods.