This Peanut Butter Product Branded as a "Spreadable Trail Mix"

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: vtpeanutbutter & mensfitness
Inspired by the rise of superfoods, a new generation of peanut butter products are now being introduced with a focus on inclusions of diverse nuts and seeds. While it's now becoming quite common to see multi-nut spreads, one truly standout product is the 'Mad River Mojo' made by the Vermont Peanut Butter Company.

Mad River Mojo is made with a base of peanut and almond butter, but it sets itself apart by including ingredients like pumpkin seeds, honey, cranberries, flax seeds and spices like cinnamon. As such, the Vermont Peanut Butter Company describes its unique product as "the world's first spreadable trail mix."

The Vermont Peanut Butter Company also makes a variety of Blended Butter products with unusual infusions, such as its BEE Nut Butter and Maple Walnut.