These Cookies and Peanut Butter Ice Pops are Creamy and Crunchy

 - Jul 15, 2015
References: veggieandthebeastfeast
Cookies and Peanut Butter Ice Pops make the iconic nutty spread an enjoyable summer treat. Fused with chocolate and cookies, these popsicles are a triple treat.

These interesting ice pops utilize homemade chocolate peanut butter and molasses cookies which gives these desserts a variety of textures. Cookies and Peanut Butter Ice Pops are rather easy to make and require a mere six ingredients, all of which are gluten-free. While the ice pops contain the crunch of chocolate molasses cookies, these popsicles also offer the smooth taste of almond milk and agave nectar.

Opposed to the typical fruity ice pops, these popsicles are topped with a rich dark chocolate drizzle and sprinkled with crunchy cashews.