The 'PBJife' is a Specialty Knife That Helps Eliminate Sticky Fingers

 - Nov 12, 2016
References: kickstarter
For those who love peanut butter, but hate dealing with the sticky mess that comes from reaching into the jar, the PBJife is the perfect solution. With this genius utensil on hand, consumers never have to worry about foregoing their favorite PB&J sandwich in order to spare themselves the inevitable cleanup.

The PBJife is an extra-long knife that is designed to reach the bottom of the tallest peanut butter jars without the handle ever skimming the edges. The blade also features a patent-pending shape that allows consumers to scrape the sides, bottom and top of the jar clean to make sure they can reach every last bit. The knife even has an extra-broad blade so that consumers can dress their sandwich with a generous helping of peanut butter every time.