ParkedBench Gives People a Place to Relax and Plants a Place to Grow

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: teamlondonbridge & gizmag
ParkedBench is a portable micro-park, situated in London, that essentially consists of a long bench that integrates planting space in its pockets.

The design consists of a single bench that has a form that undulates from side to side. It offers a place for people to sit and relax. The pockets in its curves offer space for planting.

In addition to providing a space for people to sit down and soothe their eyes on the sight of clean plants, ParkedBench also comes with an air quality monitor. This monitor sends real-time data to a companion app and website.

This project shows that it is indeed possible to come up with portable micro-parks that give busy city dwellers a place to relax while also giving cities a more defined and soothing aesthetic appeal.