The PAINKILLER Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog Embodies a Love Story Theme

Entitled "Love will keep us alive", the PAINKILLER Fall/Winter 2013 collection pays homage to famed French documentary "March of the Penguins". Depicting the lives, journeys and love stories of the Emperor penguins, the film gained massive praise during its release and continues to inspire us today.

In addition to "March of the Penguins", this collection takes inspiration from the life of another short emperor, Napoleon. Referencing his relationship with love Josephine, the streetwear line highlights the emperor's famed phrase "Au destin" on its garments.

In addition to the iconic phrase, the PAINKILLER Fall/Winter 2013 collection also displays abstracted arctic imagery that includes glacier print graphics, penguin illustrations and subtle penguin face patchwork details that add a unique and personal touch to each of its garments.