The 'Milk & Flakes' Packaging Solution Combines Everything

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: yankodesign
Aiming to help combine all the necessary ingredients and components for enjoying cereal, the 'Milk & Flakes' packaging solution is a streamlined way to help ensure optimal efficiency. Designed by Ozge Celebi and Gozde Celebi, the 'Milk & Flakes' features a geometrical design that incorporates cereal in one section and milk in the other. The middle section is linked with a small portion that holds a spoon for enjoying the breakfast food.

The 'Milk & Flakes' packaging solution is simple and eco-friendly in design, and intended to be suitable for kids to open without the need for adult help. This makes the 'Milk & Flakes' packaging design great for kids to enjoy at snack time or during their commute to school.