Customers have their say on user friendly packaging

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: packworld & packworld
The first step any customer had in dealing with a product is interacting with the packaging, hopefully in a user friendly way. A recent customer survey conducted by Shelf Impact! and Dragon Rouge honored (and dishonored) the best and most innovative packaging designs for home and garden products.

These creative and user-friendly designs range from convenient or just straight up clever, creating a user friendly experience with the product.

From recyclable laundry detergent vials that take measuring out of washing clothes, to squeeze and sniff labels for fabric softener for customers to preview the smell without opening the bottle, or even a simple redesign of a label for nostalgic purposes, these products demonstrate that the customer experience doesn’t end once they’ve bought the product.

Not every design was a total winner with the surveyed, but the fact that these companies are experimenting with being more environmentally friendly and innovative while literally thinking outside the box can only be a good thing for customers.