Outerra World Rendering Technology Virtually Replicates the Earth

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: blog.makezine & blog.makezine
Anteworld will be the first video game built using the Outerra world-rendering technology, which uses satellite information about Earth to generate an accurate replica of its terrain on a large scale. Outerra uses computer algorithms, combined with satellite imagery and height-map data, to create accurate renderings of real-life landscapes that change and adapt on-the-fly. It also eliminates the generation of levitating patches of land or other nonsensical terrain that can sometimes appear in other games that use similar technology.

Mountains, forests and rivers are built using height-map data, which is downloaded dynamically, while eye-level details on the ground, such as trees and plants, are generated in a procedural manner. This allows players to view the landscape from as far off in the distance as outer space to as closeup as the ground right in front of them.

The Outerra world-rendering technology will save video game designers countless hours usually spent trying to recreate the Earth and will give gamers the chance to see the planet in a way they never have before.