The Katarzyna Konieczka 'Very Twisted Kingdom' 2010 Collection

 - Oct 16, 2010   Updated: Jun 8 2011
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The Katarzyna Konieczka 'Very Twisted Kingdom' 2010 collection takes inspiration from the life and condition of Joseph Merrick -- more commonly known as the Elephant Man. With cues from orthodontic and medical prostheses, this collection -- and one design in particular -- is dark and haunting.

The photos above were shot by Marcin Szpak, with makeup atristry by Aleksandra Przyłuska on model Aleksandra Jastrzębska.

Implications - In an increasingly integrated online society, few other things attract the attention of young consumers more than an ad or product that directly references a cultural meme. Corporations and brands can capitalize on this by featuring ads or campaigns that are related to a subject that dominated the social media palette for any period of time. This shows that the company has a sense of humor and is on the forefront of contemporary consciousness.