The 'Maxi Natural' Editorial Highlights a Chic Organic Style

With the environment remaining a hot topic in today's news, it's becoming more and more important to acknowledge its necessity to humanity's existence; to honor this, Harper's Bazaar Brasil has published an editorial featuring a sleek, organic style that perfectly complements densely green forests and underbrush.

The editorial, titled 'Maxi Natural,' features model Carolina Thaler dressed in earthy, monochromatic ensembles while posing against a lush, forest backdrop. Each outfit in 'Maxi Natural' consists of a knee-length, A-line dress that gives Thaler a casual, yet fashionable appearance. One of these dresses is particularly stunning. It features a dark, forest-green color, complementing both its silky texture and Thaler's pale complexion. The dress's front displays a stark, white circle, giving it a haute-couture feeling, while remaining organic and forest-ready.

With this editorial, Harper's Bazaar Brasil has shown that naturalistic fashion does not necessarily mean abandoning urban couture. In fact, using organic inspirations for designs can often enhance, and beautify simple fashion creations.