Orfield Laboratories Lets Visitors Experience Total Silence

 - Dec 6, 2018
References: orfieldlabs
Home to "the quietest place on earth," Orfield Laboratories is a South Minneapolis multi-disciplinary laboratory that offers visitors a truly unique, surreal, and reality-bending experience. Known as the anechoic chamber, the unique soundless space absorbs 99.99 percent of sound and is used commercially by various manufacturers to test product sound quality and volume.

Visitors hoping to experience the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories will have to book ahead of time, will only be permitted to stay in the room for a short period of time, and will have to be supervised. These strict provisions are put in place to ensure the safety of all visitors, as prolonged exposure to the room can be maddening as a person's ears adapt to the incredible silence. Orfield Laboratories also recommends sitting while in the room as the absence of sound can cause balance and orientation issues.