SCRATCH Addresses Oral Care and Travel with Its Unique Mouth Sheets

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: global.rakuten
Toothpaste now comes in many forms, including pastes, powders and tabs, but SCRATCH aims to improve the relationship between oral care and travel with its convenient 'Mouth Sheets.'

These oral care wipes come in individually sealed packets and once opened, they can be used to clean teeth without any water. In this concentrated format, the active ingredients in the wipes are especially good at targeting stains that come from tea and coffee. As well as being useful for teeth, true to their name, these Mouth Wipes are also suitable for gently treating the gums and tongue.

These travel-sized products come in small boxes that contain 10 individual foil-wrapped packages. The SCRATCH Mouth Sheets are offered in three minty flavors: Peppermint, Peach Mint and Grapefruit Mint.