The Optimist and Pessimist Glasses Have Two Opposing Perspectives

 - May 14, 2013
References: uncommongoods
The optimist and pessimist glasses give people the opportunity to express how they are currently feeling. This glass takes a literal approach to the perspectives that certain individuals take when viewing situations.

Positive and negative attitudes have often been described using the metaphor of a glass of liquid. For pessimists, the glass is always half-empty and for optimists, the glass is half-full. The optimist and pessimist glasses cleverly divide the tumblers into these two quadrants of attitude.

Hand-painted silver lining on the rim adds to the pun-filled nature of these humor glasses, as the designer boasts "every sip has a silver lining...regardless of the drinker's outlook." With a set of two glasses, these tumblers will allow one person to play the role of the pessimist and the other to be the eternal optimist.