Toshiba's 'Open Nail' Project Uses Data to Generate Custom False Nails

 - Dec 11, 2017
'Open Nail' is a new project from Toshiba that is helping consumers to make sets of tailor-made false nails with 3D image recognition and 3D printing technology.

However convenient it is to purchase pre-made false nails, most consumers are required to do some reshaping when it comes to fitting a set of decorative nails to their fingers. With Toshiba's Open Nail project, image recognition software takes note of the unique shape of each finger nail to create a completely unique set of nails that will be ready to apply without adjustments. Yasuko Chigira of Toshiba’s Technology Planning Office says that "What we’re aiming for are perfectly fitted nails. To accomplish that, the software has to be able to ‘read’ the image of the nails extremely accurately, down to the tenths of a millimeter."

Toshiba's Open Nail project is run in collaboration with false nails supplier michi co. and is supported through the company’s in-house startup program, Toshiba Startup.