On/Off Exhibition Invited the Public into a Completely Connectionless Space

 - Nov 11, 2013
References: siblingnation.net & dezeen
In most of the popular escape destinations around the world, it's quite easy to find a wifi connection and even a signal for your mobile phone. The difficulty associated with switching off is absorbed into the On/Off Exhibition, which was actually located in the center of a major city.

Situated on campus within the University of Melbourne, this installation by Sibling featured a Faraday cage that was clad with conductive materials. Electromagnetic charges could not penetrate this box, so people could experience feeling technologically cut off when they went inside. No internet, no data and no smartphone reception reached you within this cold spot. The unusual reality of the On/Off Exhibition was enhanced with a repetitive red and white grid over the walls to make you feel like you've entered another dimension.