Onionoise by the Vegetable Orchestra Studies Another Sense

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: vegetableorchestra.org & notcot.org
Typically, people associate food with two of their five sense, namely taste and smell, but if you experience Onionoise by the Vegetable Orchestra, you'll be awakened to a whole new way of enjoying your leafy greens.

The members of this sensational symphony take pride in producing music with the freshest of produce, cut and carved immediately before play. In many cases, crops are modeled after conventional woodwinds and percussion instruments, but the ensemble has found that many of their chosen edibles yield incredible sounds when strummed or massaged in their own unique ways.

Musical instruments like the pumpkin drum, celery guitar, pepper horn, carrot radish horn, cucumberphone, radish bass flute and the leek violin can be found to voice quite compelling acoustics. You can listen to select audio tracks for the latest album, Onionoise by the Vegetable Orchestra, on their website.