'OK Cookie' Delivers Fortune Cookies with Distressing Messages

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: okcookie.co & thenextweb
OK Cookie, from the twisted minds behind the Cards Against Humanity game, seems benign if not downright charming on the surface. The company is a delivery service that brings consumers packages of 15 random fortune cookies. The catch, though, is that the fortunes inside tend to be far less inspiring than the standard post-prandial cookie messages. In fact, they're often downright depressing.

Some of the messages inside OK Cookie's snacks are blunt commentaries on the state of the environment, writing things like "It's too late to stop climate change" and "Your wildest dreams will come true, assuming those dreams are about the extinction of honeybees." Others are playful personal attacks, positing that the opener needs a nose job or will die of a heart attack.