The 'Office Bud-E' Office Fridge Lets You Know When it's Running Low

Created by Anheuser-Busch as a new version of the original 'Bud-E Fridge,' the all-new 'Office Bud-E' office fridge is a great piece of equipment for workplaces where beer is kept on hand.

The 'Office Bud-E' works by being loaded up with beers and connected to WiFi in order to keep the fridge connected to those within the office. Holding up to 180 beers, the 'Office Bud-E' will let you know when beers are cold and ready to drink, and lets you know when it's running low on supply. From here, users can request a local beer order delivery to be placed with applicable partners to ensure that the office fridge is always packed with refreshment for employees.

The 'Office Bud-E' fridge is free to offices in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles area, and comes in six different branded designs.