St. Frank Debuts Its Oaxacan Tabletop Collection with Global Artisans

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: stfrank & stfrank
St. Frank launches its brand new Oaxacan Tabletop Collection, marking the label's very first tabletop series. All of the pieces are made in Oaxaca, Mexico by a total of four different artisan groups. One of which works on black clay items which feature mugs, plates, and serving bowls. The second works on red clay offerings, crafting serving platter and pans, the third group focuses on handblown glass pieces, making tumbler glass. The last artisan group hand-carves ironwood to construct chessboards and salt and pepper bowls. Notably, every item is made by hand to ensure a careful touch in the process.

St. Frank creates pieces alongside cultural artisans to embody authenticity in every product that they offer. This time, the label wanted to broaden its horizons to tabletop products to deliver something that can offer positivity around the concept of entertaining, which is something that is valued in Christina St. Frank's home.