This PepsiCo Vending Machine Only Offers Nutritious Choices

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: pepsico & munchies.vice
PepsiCo recently debuted a new type of vending machine that only offers nutritious choices. Although many vending machines are stocked with a wide selection of snacks, it can be difficult for consumers to choose healthy products when they are featured next to more tempting options. This vending machine encourages healthy snacking by eliminating unhealthy products from its selection.

The new PepsiCo vending machine is stocked with food and drinks that are considered to be more nutritious choices. Instead of the usual selection of sugary sodas and calorie-rich chocolate bars, this vending machine will offer snacks such as hummus cups, granola bars and orange juice. In addition to the healthy selection, the machine will also feature cashless vending, digital touch screens and suggested food and beverage pairings.

The new vending machine demonstrates that PepsiCo is aware of the shift in consumer demand for more healthy snack options.