This Nostalgic Bar was Inspired by a Whimsical First Grade Classroom

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: & lostateminor
The Classroom is a nostalgic bar located in Perth Australia, which boasts decorative and thematic styles of a first grade classroom. With the hopes of bringing back some happy and inspiring childhood memories to patrons, the bar offers authentic canteen-like bar areas and hopscotch games.

The entire bar is decorated with chalkboards, science lab accessories and cafeteria dishes. The menu consists of playfully titled dishes such as 'School Dinner,' chicken nuggets and "smashie potatoes."

The dimly lit bar is filled with brightly colored chairs, tables and bar stools that embody the idea of sitting in a real classroom. While the nostalgic bar aims to inspire old-school behavior and arouse childish emotions, there is a set of strict school rules listed on the wall. Some of these rules include: "play well with others, treat others as you would like to be treated and sharing is caring."