The Adidas Nomad Series Showcases Snowboarding in Japan

The first film of the Adidas Nomad series allows viewers to follow the Adidas Snowboarding team as they share their insights into their nomadic lifestyle, as they go wherever the powder is freshest.

To put together the film, the Adidas Snowboarding team traveled all the way to Japan to test out the 2015 Adidas Snowboarding collection in the Japanese winter, famed for producing some of the best powder in the world. The tour guide for the project was none other than Japanese snowboarder Kazu Kokubo, who took the Adidas team around to the secret spots where he grew up snowboarding. Kokubo says he was "honored to be able to take the team around and share some of my secret spots."

His passion for snowboarding -- and indeed, that of the entire Adidas snowboarding team -- is evident in this video.