The Noise Collecting Barrier Ensures Noise Pollution Control

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Noise Collecting Barrier is designed to help provide noise pollution control when urban construction and excavation is taking place. The unit works by being placed around the circumference of an excavation site and channeling noise upward to the sky rather than outward and all around. This helps to keep the sound waves from reaching the ears of local residents, businesses and others.

Designed by Shih Dian Chang and Sin Siang Lin, the Noise Collecting Barrier works almost like a sound chimney in that it directs sound up and away. The unit is crafted from highly transportable materials that enable it to be erected and moved as needed. The equipment could help immensely when it comes to noise pollution control to help deter the annoyance of waking up to a jackhammer or trying to work through the annoyance.