No Picnic Alma Social Swings Join Several Forces

 - Apr 12, 2011
References: nopicnic & notcot
The act of swaying back and forth on your neighborhood playground swing set has quite a liberating appeal, but the No Picnic Alma Social Swings are sure to throw you a curve ball. Many of the objects within this collection challenge the individual's ability to move in unison with another person.

The designers describe this playful project as a symbol of the way a country (specifically Sweden) operates. Impossible to move without some cooperation, these pendant perches are wider than the usual oscillating seats and suggest your bottom's placement by means of colorful contours. Marking areas for both people to sit facing the same direction, or occasionally opposite, the No Picnic Alma Social Swings require active compromise. Even the materiality of raw wood slabs works in harmony with its bright lacquered finish.