The No Nonsense Car Insurance Commercial Cuts Out The Noise

 - Feb 11, 2013
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Wouldn't it be nice to have no nonsense car insurance? It might surprise you to find out No Nonsense is actually a car insurance company in the United Kingdom and it produced a series of hilarious ads.

This commercial finds a horribly obnoxious 25-year-old gloating to his neighbor about his lowered insurance rates. The guy speeds up in his ridiculous looking car and begins yelling and screaming about how it is his birthday. The other guy stands and listens to the nonsense for a few seconds and simply nods his head.

Just when the gloating is getting really intense, a massive brick drops onto the car and debris goes everywhere.

This commercial alludes to the fact that most men can get lower insurance rates after their 25th birthday. This is a practice No Nonsense car insurance aims to cut out completely.