The Nixie Pipe is a Reliable Interfacing Version of a Cold Cathode Display

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: nixiepipe & producthunt
In the earliest days of computing, Nixie tubes were a common way to display numerical information, and now the Nixie Pipe is a display system that provides the same retro-futuristic charm while being significantly more portable and reliable. Using individually controlled RGB LEDs, the Nixie Pipe can display numbers and letters in any color that the user chooses.

Part of the appeal of the new Nixie Pipe is its intuitive interface. The units can be connected to one another in sequence, and these units will each be displayed in a simple window once they're hooked up to one's computer. Each unit can have its number or letter chosen independently, and they can also be set to different colors or the same color. The system further comes with several preset options including a clock, a weather display, a stopwatch, a stock ticker, and more.