The Nissan Signal Shield Will Make it Impossible to Text and Drive

 - May 3, 2017
References: & engadget
Modern technology has presented people with a dangerous issue on the roads, but the new Nissan Signal Juke concept hopes to repurpose an invention that's nearly 200 years old to solve the problem.

Distracted driving spurred by smartphone use is a serious issue, with thousands and thousands of accidents occurring around the world each year as a result of texting and talking while on the road. The Nissan Signal Shield concept builds a Faraday cage into the column between the driver and passenger seats, blocking phone signals while inside and keeping drivers from temptation.

Other potential solutions to distracted driving, such as hands-free usability, have proven ineffective. While keeping hands on the wheel would seem to work well, the very act of interacting with a phone is distracting in and of itself. Faraday cages block incoming cell signals completely. This makes phones placed inside the Nissan Signal Shield will be incapable of functioning, ultimately creating a safer drive.