Nikos Gyftakis' Portraits Show Himself in an Ethereal Light

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: nikosgyftakis & lostateminor
Portrait artist Nikos Gyftakis has created a series of visually stunning and emotionally arresting self-portraits, using techniques such as swirled brushstrokes and color medleys.

Each portrait in Gyftakis' series depicts the artist's face, held in an extreme close-up, and with his skin being pulled and stretched in different directions. This gives the paintings a rubbery quality, almost as if Gyftakis was painting a mask, rather than himself. He also uses swirled brushstrokes, making these paintings impressionistic in style. In this way, the entire effect of the painting changes when viewed close up, compared to being viewed from far away.

The most striking of Gyftakis' portraits depicts the artist looking off the side, out of the painting's frame. His fingers smush his face, stretching his skin, and distorting the shape of his mouth, nose and eyes. This portrait is extremely representative of Gyftakis' works, combining a chaotic blur of colors with swirling brushstrokes and real-life subjects.