Niek Lekkerkerk's 'Entangled' Mimics the Online Webs We Weave

 - Jul 26, 2009   Updated: Jul 6 2011
Niek Lekkerkerk's 'Entangled' photo set calls upon French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's work, adapting Lacan's theory of the fragmented body to our online identities.

'Entangled' is Niek Lekkerkerk's way of showing how we express different aspects of ourselves in various social networks, but our inherent vulnerability (to hackers and other privacy invasions) keeps humans forever fragmented. It's a really insightful look into how we communicate and express ourselves online.

Implications - With political correctness dominating most North American media outlets, it's easy for artists to garner the attention of consumers by utilizing abstract and shocking imagery. Corporations should stray from competitors' marketing tactics and use peculiar imagery to generate public interest.