From Bird-Brained Headwear to Murderous Movie Recipes

 - May 15, 2012
The cinematic excellence of the late great Alfred Hitchcock finds a home in these Hitchcock-inspired creations. Easily one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Hitchcock made a name for himself with his intriguing camera angles and his knack for creating nail-biting suspense. Modern films, fashion and photography owes a great deal to the murder mystery titan and, as these creations show, contemporary artists are eager to pay homage.

From 8-bit re-imagings of classic Hitchcock posters to bloody shower curtains a la 'Pyscho,' there is no shortage of oddities that prove the filmmaker's considerable prowess. Even Barbie has gotten in on the action, spawning a Tippy Hedron doll in her famous wardrobe from "The Birds" and a Grace Kelly doll wearing the coveted black and white ensemble from the masterpiece "Rear Window." It seems every creative medium owes something to Hitchcock and none of them are shy to show it.

Relive the golden age of cinema with these hip Hitchcock-inspired creations.