Comic-Con Dolls

The Comic-Con is a multi-day event for fans of comic books, movie memorabilia and action figures. The 2008 event will be held in San Diego from July 23rd to the 27th. This year, as in previous ones, toy companies will release limited editions of their dolls to be introduced at Comic-Con. Here are some of the funky action figure and movie-themed dolls.

1. Tippi Hedren being attacked by birds in the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds”

2. Who could forget that famous freaky scene in “The Exorcist” when the girl walks like a spider?

3. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin in his “Dragon Suit” (Not a film or TV-related doll but interesting nevertheless)

4. The ubiquitous Barack Obama (Not TV or movie-related either but since we see him everyday in the media, its like watching a never-ending movie)

5. Action figures from Quentin Tarantino's cult-classic film “Reservoir Dogs”

6. The cast of the TV series “Lost”

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