Nicolas Janowski was Inspired by the Amazon for this Stunning Series

 - Aug 19, 2013
References: & juxtapoz
Nicolas Janowski has used the mysterious and magical Amazon as inspiration to create an incredibly eerie series of photographs.

Janowski called the collection 'The Liquid Serpent,' and he feels that the Amazon is neither part of man or nature. He alludes to the fact that it is its own being, and lives and breathes on its own time.

This collection of pictures is done in a strict black and white color palette. Janowski has also used a technique which made the subjects of his pictures look blurred. In some photos, the blurring is so dominant that the person blends into the background or that they look multiplied.

The camera effect that Nicolas Janowski used was fitted perfectly to his idea of what the Amazon represents. His pictures aren't full of nature or people, they are their own concept of photography.