'New York Legs' is a Photographic Book That Shows Indiviuality in a New Way

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: citilegs & kottke.org
Stacey Baker has over 78,000 followers on Instagram and her account is all about documenting New York legs. It may not sound interesting at first, but when viewing her photos, it's not hard to see why her work has appeal. Baker's popularity and artistry has paid off -- her photos have been turned into a book called 'New York Legs.' This achievement is a clear example of how an artist's creativity can become something monetary and profitable.

Most street fashion photographers shoot images of people that show their whole outfit or of specific details like a person's purse or shoes, but Baker's lower limb-focused work shows individuality from a different perspective. The audience can see the personality and vibrancy of each person just by looking at their legs and feet. Rather than showing modelesque perfection, the shots demonstrate how different and beautiful women's bodies are. From thick thighs and cellulite to skinny inverted knees, her New York Legs book pushes against Western beauty standards.